FLOW_Tendo a Esistere
2023_environmental installation
Solo Show_Villa Galileo, Florence

photos credits: Jacopo Nocentini
Materials: cosmic rays, green lasers, coal sculpure, sound.
“Flow” is an installation that was created in 2016 on the occasion of the exhibition "There is noplace like home/Rome" curated by Giuliana benassi. The work consists of a real scientific instrument made in collaboration with scientists. In each new epsosition of the installation it is reworked by the artist in a site-specific way according to the chosen space.

The audience live a star exploding on the central screen placed on the Galileo’s bedroom,  every time a star exploded in the universe and its cosmic rays fell into the theatre, the work lit up green lasers and the sound of a gong was diffused into the environment. (This is thanks to a particle detection tool, really present in the room)

This work is a reflection on life, death, transformation, the work creates an intimate moment, a live encounter with the universe and with what is constantly happening outside our planet.
* Each atom in our body comes from a star that exploded. T
he atoms in our left hand probably come from a different star than those in our right hand.
It’s one of the most poetic things in physics.
All of us could not be here if the stars had not exploded, because the elements concerning evolution - such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron - were not created at the beginning of time but were created in the nuclear furnace of the stars.So, The stars were kind enough to explode so that we could be here now. We are, dust of stars.

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