Arsenale della Marina Regia_Palermo

Environmental installation _ wind,cisterns,mylar kites,
pier of 10 meters_ph@LorenzoBacci

-> produced by Snaporazverein  -> video link

WE LOST THE SEA is the representation of a loss. Its a work that talk about the Earth’s breath, and the loss, the interruption of the same.

The loss of an universal order that unites man and nature; that is increasingly compromised and subverted by capitalist interests of exploitation of environmental resources.

The Environmental installation is a scenic device an imaginary theatre of 300sqm, where the observer's point of view is obliged, frontal respect the work and even inside it.
The stage takes the form of a pier of 10 meters, projecting element from the mainland that allows you to live a close, inclusive intimate experience.
Around 5 silvered kites float at several meters height,the wind generated by machines, simulates an artificial breath that move the light refractions make by the mylar’s sheets of the kites, generating the reflection of the light on the seabed.

Lastly, inside the typical sicilian cisterns for the rainwater, the artist put the Palermo’s sea water.

The artist's gaze is synthetic, reproducing complex system like that of the water-air-light cycle, highlighting its constraints, suffering and apnea.

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